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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The new stadium at Leigh was the stage for the latest round of the National Young Athletes League, Sunday 22nd June, where despite the strong wind the athletes from the Harriers put in some sterling performances.

In the under 17 mens competition, new members Colin Hornby and Ryan Jackson were the support for old hands David Tomalin and Mike Fryer. Colin's 13.1s in the 100m and 27.1s in the 200m earned him two 6th A places.

In the 400m, David won the points with a 4th placed time of 63.0s and also had a 4th B place in the long jump with 4.07m.

Mike and Ryan were paired in the 800m, mike taking the 4th A spot, 2m 19.6s and Ryan close behind with a time of 2m 20.8s good for the 3rd B points.

Ryan added to his score with a 4th A place in the 1500m, 5m 14.5s and rounded off his points tally with a 6th A place in the shot put with a best of 6.54m.

Mike's remaining events took him well up the scoring table, first he had a 5th A in the long jump with 4.31m, then had a personal best in the high jump, winning the competition with 1.52m.

In the 4x100m relay the squad were placed 4th in a time of 53.7s.

James Crosby took on the scoring for the under 15 boys part of the match. He ran a time of 33.5s in the 200m for 5th A points, then took the 4th A points in the 80m hurdles 18.2s and in the long jump had a best of 3.62m for 6th A place.

Thomas Jones began the scoring for the under 13 boys in the 200m with 4th A 33.9s place and won the 4th A points in the 100m with a time of 16.5s and his leap of 3.02m won the 6th A spot in the long jump.

Partner Matthew Hulse had a good day with a 1st A place win in the 75m hurdles in 16.4s, and took a grade 4 standard performance in the 1500m beaten by the strong wind into a 2nd place in 5m 16.8s. In the high jump he had a clearance of 1.10m to take the 3rd A points.

New members Rebecca Pill and Rebecca Cartwright were the two contestants in the under 15 girls competition both scoring well in a new venture for them.

Rebecca Pill had a time of 16.4s in the 100m taking 8th A points and 7th A place in the shot put with 5.01m. Rebecca Cartwright threw 10.97m in the javelin taking the 5th A points and had a throw of 3.99m in the shot put for a 6th B place.

Tori Acton and Emma Crosby led off in the 150m for the under 13 girls, Tori taking the 3rd A place in a time of 23.9s Emma taking the points for 6th B, 29.6s.Tori was in the points in the 75m taking the 2nd A, in 11.9s, Lauren Clare taking the 7th B with 14.7s.

Emma Scott ran a brave well judged race in the 800m, leading from gun to the finish line taking the winning 1st A points, in a time of 2m 45.3s.m 55.3 Emma Pyatt also ran a great race finishing in the 2nd B spot, 2m 55.3s her time.

In the 1200m race it was a grade 4 award performance for Jess Parsons taking the points for a 4th A place time of 4m 44.4s.

Amy Pearson had a grade 4 performance result in the 75m hurdles, winning the 2nd A points in a time of 13.8s, just a tenth of a second outside a grade 3 performance, Martha Cottrell winning the 1st B points in 15.5s.

Emma Pyatt was also a grade 4 award winner in the high jump, taking the 3rd A place with 1.21m, Amy securing the B points with 4th placed 1.11m
In the shot put Emma Crosby took on the event for the first time and won the points with creditable 7th A place throw of 4.39m.

Long jumpers Emma Scott and Martha were the points winners, Emma adding to her 800m win with a grade 4 award jump of 3.66m, Martha again anchoring the scoring with a 1st B best of 1.11m.

Amy, Tori, Emma Scott and Martha were the 4x100m relay squad bringing the baton home into 2nd place, 59.1s.

The next fixtures for the Harriers are the Cheshire County Track Relay Championships for selected relay squads at Macclesfield, Saturday July 5th, and the next round of the Cheshire Track and Field League at Ellesmere Port, Sunday July 13th for all age groups.


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