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Written by Peter Allen   
Sunday, 24 January 2010

The North Wales Indoor Sports Developement Centre at the Deeside College, Connahs Quay was the venue for the 4th round of the North West Sportshall League match, where the Harriers were staking a claim for places in the finals being held at the Kingsway Leisure Centre, Widnes in March.

All groups except the under 13 boys have qualified for these finals.

The gallant four boys who did turn out for these matches scored very well, but because of a lack of support by other members, the league points weren't quite enough for a place in the finals.

Under 11 girls results

In the 2 lap sprints, Catlin Ord was the 3rd A points winner in 24.9s and Michaela Campbell took the 2nd B in 25.1s.Jenny Pyatt, 26.5s, Olivia Church, 26.9s and Molly Clarke, 26.9s, Georgia Massey, 27.3s, Alex Harding, 27.3s, Kiera Brady Williams, 27.6s, Charlie Harding, 27.8s, Christine Campbell, 29.0s,and Kelsey Grady, 32.2s were non scorers.

Michaela was the 2nd in the 4 lap A race in 56.0s and Catlin was 1st in the B race in 56.5s. Georgia Massey, 57.6s and Charlie Harding, 59.6s were good non scoring race results.

Catlin took the 3rd A points in the long jump with 1.72mtrs and Alex Harding jumped 1.52mtrs taking the 4th B points. Christine Campbell had a non scoring jump of 1.42mtrs.

In the triple jump, Michaela had a best effort of 5.51mtrs which took the 2nd A points and Molly with 4.90mtrs won the 3rd B points. Kiera, 4.76mtrs and Charlie, 4.50mtrs were non scoring results

Jenny with 50 and Georgia with 43 won the A and B points in the speed bounce.

Kiera Brady Williams won the chest push A event in style, with a great 6.75mtrs result and Jenny took the 1st B points with 5.50mtrs. Megan Aspinall was a non scorer, 5.00mtrs was her best effort.

Michaela, Jenny, Olivia and Catlin made up the 4 x 2 lap relay squad, finishing in 2nd place in 1'.44.7s.

Under 13 girls results

Jess Wright put the first points on the scoresheet for the under 13 girls, taking the 4th A in 24.3s, Emily Pearson taking the 1st B with 24.4s.Katy Morgan running a non scring race 4th in 27.4s.

It was a double 1st for the girls in the tough 6 lap races, Jess winning the A points in 1'.24.7s and Kate Merrill winning the B in 1'.25.7s. Katy, 1'.35.4s and Kiera Grady, 1'.36.4s were non scoring race results.

In the long jump, Emily was the 2nd A winner with 2.10mtrs, Kate took the 1st B points with 1.82mtrs

Jess, 6.44mtrs and Martha Cottrell, 5.98mtrs were the 3rd A and B points winners in the triple jump.

Martha's best of 6.17mtrs won the 4th A points in the shot put, Emily throwing 5.88mtrs, won the 2nd B points.

In the speed bounce, Martha was the 2nd A points winner with 66 and Kate with 56 took the 3rd B points.

Martha, Kate, Jess and Emily were the winners of the relay in 1'.38.0s.

Under 15 girls results

Emma Scott took the 3rd A points in the 2lap in 24.9s and Emma Pyatt was the 3rd B winner in 25.3s Amy Wright was a non scorer in 25.2s.

In the 6 lap Emma Pyatt took the 2nd A points in 1'.26.8s and Emma Scott won her B race in 1'.27.0s.

Amy Wright and Emma Scott each had best efforts of 2.04mtrs in the long jump and each were awarded the 3rd A and 3rd B places.

Amy Wright also had a third place in the triple jump, her 6.15mtrs good for the A points.

With a throw of 7.33mtrs, It was again another 3rd A place for Amy in the shot put, Emma Pyatt taking the 3rd B points with 4.89mtrs.

The two Emmas were the winning combination in the speed bounce, Scott taking the 1st A with 76 and Pyatt the 1st B with 70.

The relay squad of Emma Pyatt, Amy Pearson, Amy Wright and Emma Scott were 3rd in 1'.41.0s.

Under 11 boys results

Bradley Philips got the under 11 boys off to a great start, winning the 2 lap A race in fine style 25.4s his time. Christopher Larkin secured the 2nd B in 26.5s. Non scoring results were James Ennis, 27.0s, Lauchlan Sranier, 27.1s, Luke Bratt, 27.2s and Daniel Ainsley, 27.4s

James Ennis took the 4 lap 4th A points in 59.9s and Bradley was in 2nd B spot in 60.5s.

The long jump 1st A points were won by Christopher with a leap of 1.88mtrs, Luke Southerton was 2nd B with 1.76mtrs. Bradley, 1.72mtrs and Luke, 1.68mtrs were non scorers.

In the vertical jump, Lauchlan Stanier was placed in 4th A with 30cms and Luke Bratt was close with 28cms, which gave him the 2nd B points. Daniel also had a non scoring effort of 28cms.

Daniel was the A scorer in the chest push with 4.75mtrs, James and Lauchlan tied for the B points each with 4.50mtrs.

Luke Southerton, Christopher, James and Lauchlan made up the relay squad finishing in 2nd place, in 1'.49.3s.

Under 13 boys results

Ben Sutcliffe was the events sole competitor for the club in the under 13 boys part of the match, scoring very well in each of the events that he took on.

His 24.5s in the 2 lap race won him the 3rd A points and a 1.90mtrs in the long jump was good for the 4th A place, but he finished on a high, winning the 1st A points in the vertical jump with a 46cms.

Under 15 boys results

Mark Deeprose and David Hayes were the competitors for the Harriers in the under 15 boys events, both taking maximum points in every event that they contested.

They started with two 1sts in the 2 lap races, David taking the A points in 22.5s and Mark the B in 23.1s.

Again it was a double 1st in the long jump, David winning the 1st A with 2.48mtrs, Mark's 2.30mtrs winning the 1st B points.

55cms in the vertical jump by David was good for the 1st A place and Mark topped off a fine performance by the duo with a 1st B with a jump of 51cms.


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