Cheshire Track and Field League Round 3
Written by Peter   
Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Harriers were the hosts of the third round match of the Cheshire Track & Field League which they staged at their new home at the Wade Deacon High School Widnes.

This was an inaugural event whereby they were able to hold a track and field league match on our own patch, rather than having to hire a venue elsewhere.

Headliner of the match for the club was Martha Cottrell achieving her goal, winning a Grade 1 award for her long jump.

The under 11 boys results:-
75m sprints, Thomas Craig 3rd A 120s, Callum Tollett 3rd B 13.6s, Lauchlin Stanier 2nd C, Sam Richards 2nd D 13.0s
600m, Christopher Larkin 3rd A 2'.10.7s, Sam Richards 3rd B 2'.25.8s, Lauchlin Stanier 2nd C 2'.39.3s
Long Jump, Christopher Larkin 3rd A 3.53mtrs, Callum Tollett 3rd B 2.30mtrs
Turbo Javelin, Thomas Craig 1st A 16.52mtrs.
4x100m relay Lauchlin, Sam, Christopher and Thomas 3rd 65.9s
Under 13 boys:-
200m, Ben Sutcliffe 4th A 29.9s, Johnathan Ashton 4th B 32.4s,
800m, Johnathan Ashton 6th A 3'.03.4s
Under 15 boys:-
200m, Wil Leyland 4th A 27.8s, Mark Deeprose 4th B 28.0s.
Long Jump, David Hayes 3rd A 5.05mtrs, Grade 4, Wil Leyland 4th B 4.31mtrs
Javelin, Mark Deeprose 2nd A ,28.11mtrs, David Hayes 2nd BB,27.38mtrs
Under 17 men:-
200m, David Tomalin 5th A ,27.4s, Jack Campbell 3rd B ,25.5s.
800m, Jack Campbell 3rd A ,2'.14.8s
High Jump, Jack Campbell 3rd A, 1.50mtrs
Senior Men:-
100m, Paul Rudkin 3rd A ,12.9s, Matthew Evans 2nd B, 13.9s
800m, Paul Rudkin 4th A, 2'.25.3s, Matthew Evans 3rd B, 2'.59.3s
3000m, Nick Massey 5th, 12'.11.0s
Under 11 girls:-
75m, Annabel Kitchen 3rd A, 11.7s, Harriet Tomlinson 4th B, 12.0s, Georgia Massey 3rd C, 12.6s, Jenny Pyatt 3rd D, 12.8s
Non scorers, Alex Harding, 13.0s, Ines Robinson, 13.1s, Charlie Harding, 13.6s, Megan Aspinall, 13.9s
600m, Georgia Massey 3rd A, 1'.57.0s, Harriet Tomlinson5th B, 2'.17.9s, Annabel Kitchen 1st C, 2'.06.0s, Jenny Pyatt 1stD, 2'.09.8s.
Non scorers, Ines Robinson, 2'.12.3s, Charlie Harding, 2'.20.3s,
Alex Harding, 2'.28.2s
Long Jump, Annabel Kitchen 3rd A, 3.54mtrs, Harriet Tomlinson 1st B, 3.28mtrs.
Non scorers, Georgia Massey, 3.17mtrs, Ines Robinson, 2.78mtrs, Alex Harding, 2.69mtrs
Turbo Javelin, Jenny Pyatt 1st A, 15.72mtrs, Charlie Harding 2nd B, 10.23mtrs. Non scorer, Lauren Perkin, 9.53mtrs
4x100m relay, Jenny, Georgia, Harriet, Annabel 4th 64.3s
Under 13 girls:-
100m, Martha Cottrell 2nd A, 14.2s grade 3, Jess Wright 2nd B, 14,9s, Jessica Johnson 3rd C, 15.3s, Emily Ross 4th D, 16.7s.
Non scorers, Alice Linton, 16.4s, Katy Morgan, 16.8s
800m, Jess Wright 1st A, 2'.37.6s Grade 3, Emily Ross 3rd B, 3'.00.4s, Katy Morgan 2nd C, 2'.59.1s, Alice Linton1st D, 3'.02.8s
Long Jump, Martha Cottrell 1st A, 4.42mtrs Grade 1, Jess Wright 1st B, 3.99mtrs Grade 4
Javelin, Ellie Hayes 4th A, 13.55mtrs, Katy Morgan 1st B, 11.23mtrs
Non scorers, Alice Linton, 8.81mtrs, Jessica Johnson, 6.85mtrs
4x100m relay, Martha, Alice, Jessica, Jess, 4th 60.0s
Under 15 girls:-
100m, Emma Scott 4th A ,14.6s, Emma Pyatt 4th B, 14.9s
1500m, Emma Pyatt 1st A, 5'.15.9s
Shot Putt, Amy Wright 4th A, 6.91mtrs, Emma Scott 4th B, 5.10mtrs
Senior women:-
Long Jump, Lucy Wood, 5th A, 2.53mtrs, ( sustained an injury, had to retire from the rest of the competition)