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Written by Peter   
Monday, 11 May 2009
Under 15 boy David Hayes came away from the Cheshire County Track and Field Championships as a double gold medal winning champion last weekend.
The Championships which were staged at the Victoria Park Stadium, Warrington saw some of the Harriers taking part in their selected events and putting in some fine performances.
David's two gold medals were the rewards for winning the shot putt with a grade three performnce of 11.05 mtrs and with a best leap of 4.81mtrs he won the long jump event.
He also took the 6th place in the 100mtrs sprint in a time of 13.1s
In the under 15 girls events, Amy Pearson was a bronze medal winner.In the heats of the 100mtrs she took 3rd place in 14.1s just out of the qualifiers for the final and had a grade 4 jump of 4.38mtrs in the long jump, which also won her the 3rd place bronze medal. In the 75mtrs hurdles final she was placed 6th in 14.1s.
Middle distance runner Emma Pyatt qualified for the final in the 800mtrs in 3rd place, 2m.33.0s and came home in 7th place in the final in 2m.34.1s, very consistant pacing. In the 1500mtrs final she finished in a good 5th place in 5m.17.0s
Emma Scott qualified in the heats of the 200mtrs in 4th place, 30.7s and had a slightly quicker time in the final with a 30.6s for a 7th place. She also had a 7th place in the 800mtrs in a time of 2m.49.1s. Her best of 3.73mtrs in the long jump took the 13th place.
Field eventer Amy Wright just missed out on a medal in the discus, her throw of 19.84mtrs taking the 4th place and she had a 14th place in the long jump with 3.72mtrs
The under 13 girls events were headed with Emily Pearson and Martha Cottrell competing in the 80mtrs sprints, both qualifying from the heats to the final. Martha had a 1st her heat in 11.8s taking the 4th place in the final in 11.9s, Emily was 3rd in her heat in 12.0s and ran the same time in the final for the 5th place.
In the 70mtrs hurdles Martha had a grade 4, 4th place in 13.4s and again had a grade 4, 5th place result in the long jump with 4.01mtrs.Emily too had a grade 4 in the hurdles taking the 5th place in 13.6s.
Emily Ross had a good competition with her chosen events, her 24.0s run in the 150mtrs brought her the 8th place honours, she then had a creditable 12th place in the 800mtrs in 3m.02.4s and running the 1500mtrs in competition for the first time, she gallantly ran home in 13th place in 6m.24.0s.
In the long jump she had a best of 3.56mtrs for 8th place.
Middle distance specialist Kate Merrill had two fine runs in the 800 and 1500mtrs races, her 4th place in the 800mtrs was a grade 3 time of 2m.38.2s but she improved on this with a bronze medal winning, grade 2 performance 3rd place in 5m.17.4s.
Thomas Jones was an under 13 medal winning boy, after qualifying for the 200mtrs final with a 3rd place 31.2s he took the bronze medal with a 3rd place final time of 31.9s. He then had a great performance in the long jump. With a best jump of 3.91mtrs he took the 2nd place and with it the Championship silver medal.
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Written by adam   
Tuesday, 05 May 2009
The Deeside Stadium, Connahs Quay was the venue for the first round match of the 2009 UKA, McCains National Young Athletes League, Northern 2 West and Wales Division, where the Harriers had a modest turnout on the Bank Holiday weekend, but posting some promising results for some of the athletes who have moved up an age group.
Emily Ross, Jessica Johnson, Emily Pearson and Kate Merrill were the representatives for the under 13 girls competition, Emily Ross running a 4th A place in 12.2s and Jessica adding to the score with a 4th B in 12.0s.
Emily Pearson partnered Kate in the 150m sprints, Emily turning in a grade 4 performance with a 2nd A in 22.1s, while Kate's 24.7s in 5th place took the B points.
In the 800m, Emily Ross was placed 5th in 3m.03.9s, and Kate had a great run in her more fancied event, the 1200m, taking the 2nd A points in a grade 4 time of 4m.24.5s.
Emily Pearson again put in a grade 4 performance in the 70m hurdles, timed at 14.4s for the A points.
In the long jump, Emily Ross had a best jump of 3.42m taking the 3rd A points and Kate's 3.03m good for the 5th B place.
Emily Pearson and Jessica scored the points in the shot putt, Emily's 5.09m winning the 3rd A points and Jessica topping the list in the B scoring with a 1st place, throwing 4.70m.
The four girls took the 4th place in the 4 x 100m relay in 62.1s
Emma Scott and Emma Pyatt were the two in the under 15 girls competition, both new to this age group, but putting in some well judged performances.
Emma Scott ran a creditable 5th place in the A 100m sprint ijn 14.7s while Emma Pyatt ran in the A 200m sprint taking the 3rd place in 30.9s
Emma Scott had a 5th A place in the 800m in 2m.51.9s and Emma Pyatt, more at home in the 1500m event ran a very well paced race, making a steady move on the front runners and kicking for the winning post with threequarters of a lap to go, timed at 5m.26.0s, a deserved grade 4 performance.
In the long jump, Emma Scott took the 4th A points with 3.73m and Emma Pyatt had a best jump of 3.54m which won the 2nd B points.
In the under 13 boys part of the match, Ben Sutcliffe and brothers Jorge and Jack Peacock took up the challenge for the club.
Ben started the scoring well with grade 4 performance in the 100m A sprint,finishing in 2nd place in 14.4s.
Jack ran in the 200m A race Jorge in the B race, Jack ran a 6th place time of 33.7s and Jorge also in 6th place in 40.8s.
Jack and Jorge were partners in the shot putt, Jack throwing 4.63m for the 4th A place and Jorge's 3.33m taking a great 1st B place.
Long jumpers Ben and Jack won the points, Ben taking the A place with grade 4 jump of 3.89m and Jack's 2.97m taking the 3rd B.
Ben rounded of his day with yet another grade 4 result in the high jump, his 1.20m clearance winning the 3rd A points.
David Hayes was the lone scorer in the under 15 boys competition using the limits of his permitted events to the good.
A  5thA  place in the 100m in 14.8s started his scoring, then a grade 4 throw of 21.36m in the discus won the 3rd A points, he added to his tally with another grade 4 performance in the shot putt, 10.33m was his best throw.
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Written by peter   
Tuesday, 05 May 2009
The Harriers sampled the spring sunshine at the Richmond Park Stadium, Ashton under Lyne where they were involved in the first round match of the Cheshire Track and Field League, 2009.
Though not having a great turnout for this first outing of the outdoor season, those who were there put in some fine performances, some of which were of AAA's graded standards.
It was also the first competition for some the girls at an upper age group, under 11s now under 13's and under 13's now under 15's.

Matthew Evans competed in the senior mens competition, taking the 5th A points in the 100m sprint in 14.1s and finishing in 3rd A place in the 800m, 3m.10.6s

Annabel Kitchen, Georgia Massey, Charlotte King and Jenny Pyatt were the points scorers in the under 11 girls competition, Annabel winning the A 75m sprint in 11.4s, Georgia ran 12.6s for a 4th B place, Jenny's 12.5s took the 3rd C points and Charlotte completed the scoring in this event with a 4th D in 14.7s.
In the 800m races, it was the same order of results, Annabel 2nd A in 2m.02.2s, Georgia a splendid 1st B in 2m.06.3s, Jenny 3rd C in 2m.15.7s and Charlotte 3rd D in 2m.33.8s
Long jumpers Annabel and Georgia were in great form, Annabel's 3.71m taking the 1st A points and Georgia's best of 3.20m won the 2nd B points.
Jenny threw 14.60m in the soft javelin taking the 1st A points and Charlotte's 5.10m was the 4th B points winning throw.
In the 4 x 100m relay the quartet were 2nd in 68.6s.

The under 13 girls were represented by Katy Morgan, Kate Merrill, Sally Hulse, Emily Ross, Emily Pearson, Martha Cottrell and Jess Wright.
Martha got the first points on the scoresheet with a 3rd A place in the 100m sprint, 14.8s, a grade 4 standard, Emily Pearson went one better with a 1st B scoring grade 3 in 14.4s, Jess ran a grade 4 14.8s for the 2nd C points and Emily Ross took the 3rd D in 16.1s.
Jess won the 800m 2nd A points in 2m.36.9s, a grade 3 performance, Kate had a grade 4 time of 2m.44.6s taking the 1st B points, Katy ran a 2nd C finish in 3m.02.2s and Sally's 1st time effort in this event took the 3rd D in 3m.18.3s.
In the long jump, Martha was the 2nd A points winner with a leap of 3.98m and Jess's 3.95m winning the 1st B points, both efforts earning a grade 3 standard award.
Emily Pearson threw 10.90m in the discus for a 3rd A place.
Martha, Kate, Jess and Emily Pearson were the winners of the 4 x 100m relay in 59.0s
Emma Pyatt, Emma Scott, Amy Pearson and Amy Wright took on the task of scoring in the under 15 girls competition, Amy Pearson taking a 3rd A grade 4 place in the 100m in 14.8s, Emma Scott was 3rd B in 14.2s and Emma Pyatt 3rd C in 15.0s.
Emma Pyatt, more at ease in the 1500m event had a fine run taking the 3rd A points in 5m.20.4s, a grade 4 performance.
Amy Wright cleared 1.30m in the high jump which won the 4th A points, but had a grade 4 result in the shot putt with a best of 6.92m.
Emma Scott's throw of 5.60m was good for the 3rd B points.

Tom Merrill was the sole competitor for the Harriers in the under 11 boys events and started well with a 5th place in the 75m sprint in 12.4s. In the 600m he was in 7th place in 2m.11.6s and scored the 4th A points in the javelin with a throw of 9.10m.

Ben Sutcliffe and brothers Jorge and Jack Peacock were the under 13 boys in the competition and in the 200m races each had a 4th place finish, Ben running 30.9s in the A race, Jack ran 33.6s in the B race and Jorge completed the scoring with a 40.1s in the C race.
Ben and Jack took the 3rd A and 3rd B points in the high jump Ben cleared 1.20m and Jack 1.10m.
Jorge won the 3rd A place points in the shot putt with a best of 4.11m.
David Tomalin had two personal best performances in the under 17 mens competition, running a time of 26.9s in the 200m sprint, taking the 5th A points and had a splendid 2nd A result in the triple jump with 10.44m

The next competition for the Harriers is a re-arranged 1st round match of the National Young Athletes League which will be staged at the Deeside Stadium, Connahs Quay, Sunday 3rd May, 11.30pm


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