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Written by Peter   
Tuesday, 14 July 2009
The Harriers were engaged in the second round match of the Cheshire Track & Field League held at the Cumberland Stadium, Crewe.
A strong team of under 11 and under 13 girls were there, scoring some well earned points and some good standard awards.
Annabel Kitchen started the points tally with a 2nd A in the 75m sprint in 11.5s, Rhian Preston took the 2nd B points also in 11.5s, Harriet Tomlinson was the 2nd C scorer in 11.7s and Millie Tobin completed the scoring in the sprints with a 3rd D in 12.3s.Olivia Church had a good 2nd non scoring place in 11.9s
Other non scorerers included Georgia Massey 12.4s, Jenny Pyatt 12.7s, Alex Harding 13.0s, Megan Aspinal 16.4s,Eiligh Thomson and Charlie Harding in the 13sec bracket
Georgia was the 2nd A points winner in the 600m, timed at 1.59.7s, Annabel was placed 3rd B in 2.05.9s, Jenny 2nd C, 2.05.0, Millie 2nd D, 2.11.4s.  Harriet was in a non scoring race taking the winning place in a great time of 2.03.9s.  Other non scorerers were Rhian 2.23.6s, Charlie 2.25.3s, Alex 2.31.1s and Eiligh 2.34.6s,
Annabel won the 1st A points in the long jump, with 3.83m, Georgia took the 2nd B points with 3.20m. Non scorerers were Harriet 3.26m, Rhian 3.22m, Olivia 2.52m, Megan 2.41m, Charlie 2.34m, Alex 2.24m.
Jenny won the javelin  with a throw of 15.10m, Millie took the 2nd B with 12.62m. Eiligh 9.10m and Megan 6.05m were non scoring results
Milly, Rhian, Harriet and Annabel were the winners of the 4x100m relay in 62.3s
The under 13 girls squad was made up by Ellie Hayes, Kate Merrill, Katy Morgan, Emily Ross, Emily Pearson, Martha Cottrell and Jess Wright, Emily Pearson putting the first points on the scoresheet with a splendid grade 2 performance 1st A in 28.8s, Martha also scored with a grade 3 result 3rd B in 29.7s. Jess took the 1st C in 30.0s and Emily Ross completed the sprint scoring with a 4th D in 35.1s.
Jess headed the scoring with a grade 2 2nd A place in the 800m 2.32.9s, Kate was the 2nd B winner in 2.41.2s, Katy took the 5th C place in 3.01.8s and Emily Ross was in 4th D in 3.04.7s
Jess won the high jump with another grade 2 performance, clearing the bar with 1.36m, Emily Pearson was in 3rd B place with a best jump of 1.15m. Emily Ross 1.20m and Katy 1.15m were non scoring results.
In the shot putt, Ellie took the 4th A points with a throw of 5.64m, Martha was the 4th B points winner with 4.67m.
Martha, Jess, and the two Emilys were placed 2nd in the 4x100m relay in 60.1s.
Amy Pearson, Amy Wright and Emma Scott represented the under 15 girls each one featuring well in the points tally.
Amy Pearson, running in the A race was placed 4th in 29.5s and Emma running in the B race came home in 3rd place in 29.2s.
Emma was just outside her personal best in the 800m, taking the 3rd A points in 2.41.9s
Amy Pearson won the 4th A points in the javelin with 12.19m, Amy Wright threw 9.88m winning the 3rd B points.
The two Amys combined again in the long jump Pearson taking the 4th A  with 4.14m and Wright 3rd B also with a best jump of 4.14m.
Lucy Wood made a welcome return to competing for the Harriers now as a senior lady. she opted to do the 3000m event and took the 7th place in 13.41.5s
Chris Larkin, Lauchlan Stanier and Jonathan Jones were the three under 11 boys representing the Harriers and they all put on some valuable points on the scoresheet.
In the 75m sprints, Lauchlan was in 5th A place in 13.1s, Chris was 4th B in 12.0s and Jonathan 4th C in 14.3.
In the 600m, Chris took the 3rd A points in 2.02.2s, Lauchlan 3rd B in 2.12.5s and Jonathan 5th C in 2.35.0s.
Chris had a jump of 3.16m in the long jump which won the 4th A points and in the javelin it was 4th places each for Lauchlan and Jonathan, Lauchlan taking the B points with 10.35m and Jonathan the C with 8.93m.
The under 13 boys trio of Thomas Jones, Ben Sutcliffe and Adrian Bennett took on the task of scoring for the club turning in some good performances.
Ben took the 3rd A points in the 100m in 14.6s, Thomas was 2nd in the B race in 14.8s and Adrian 3rd in the C race also in 14.8s.  Ben with a grade 4 jump of 4.28m in the long jump took the 2nd B points, Thomas 's 3.67m won the 3rd B points, Adrian non scored with 3.59m.
Thomas was placed 2nd A in the discus with a throw of 13.43m, Adrian threw 11.28m taking the 3rd B points.
Cheshire County Champion David Hayes had the task of putting some points on the board in the under 15 boys competition and started with a grade 4 result in the 100m, taking the points for the 3rd A place in 12.5s. Having a first time tryout in the high jump saw him take the 4th A place with a clearance of 1.45m and with a throw of 9.90m in the shot he completed a very good day with a 1st A place.
Under 17 man David Tomalin took the 5th A points in the 100m in 12.9s and in the long jump he was placed 5th A with a best leap of 4.45m.
In the senior mens events, Matthew Evans was 6th A in the 200m in 29.0s and 4th A in the 1500m in 6.19.7s.
Paul Rudkin took on the 3000m race and finished in 8th place in 12.01.4s.
This was an event for ALL active members of the club. Where were YOU ?
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Written by Peter   
Tuesday, 07 July 2009
Halton & Frodsham Harriers were busy at the Cheshire County Track Relays Championships staged at the Stanney Oaks Stadium, Ellesmere Port last weekend, where they were successful in winning some of the medals on offer..
The under 11 girls A team comprising Rhian Preston, Harriet Tomlinson, Milly Tobin and Annabel Kitchen won the bronze medals in the 4x100m in 61.6s having been placed 2nd in the heats in 62.3s, the B string of Jenny Pyatt, Molly Clarke, Georgia Massey and Olivia Church were 2nd in the heats, 65.4s and 6th in the final, 64.4s
Georgia, Jenny and Annabel took the gold medals in the 3x600m in 6'.13.0s and Harriet, Rhian and Milly were 8th in 6'.46.4s
Under 13girls 4x100m A team of Martha Cottrell, Kate Merrill, Megan McEveley and Emily Pearson just missed a bronze medal award by half a second, taking the 4th place in 58.4s, the B team of Emily Ross, Katie Dinsdale, Sian Ellis and Charlotte Davies were 6th in 62.2s.
In the tougher 3x800m relays, the A team of Katy Morgan,Megan and Kate took the 6th place in 7'.38.0s, Emily, Martha and Alice Linton finished 10th, 9'.13.1s and Katie, Sian and Charlotte were 11th in 9'21.6s
Emma Scott, Amy Wright, Emma Pyatt and Amy Pearson were the four contenders in the under 15 girls events. Starting with a great 2nd place in the heats of the 4x100m relays in 57.0s and in a hotly contested final they were 5th in 57.1s.
They had a better result in the medley relay, the two Amys running the two 100m legs, Emma Scott ran the 200m leg and Emma Pyatt anchored the team with well paced 600m last leg, 2'.45.0s the overall time.
The A team of Chris Larkin, Will Parsons, Luke Bratt and Alex Madders started the procedings in the under 11 boys competition with a 4th place in the heats of the 4x100m in 64.0s and took a second place in the 'B' final in 66.8s. Ben Wallace, Alistair Grant, Sam Richards and Lauchlan Stanier made up the B team and were 5th in the heats, 70.7s and 5th in the 'B' final, 72.0s.
The A team of Chris, Alex and Will were the worthy bronze medal winners in the 3x600m relay in 6'.13.6s, the B string of Matthew Williams Sam and Alistair took the 8th place in 7'.01.5s.
The under 13 boys 4x100m A team of Thomas Jones, Jake Gayter, Daniel Williamson and Ben Sutcliffe were the  bronze medal winners taking the 3rd place in 57.4s having had a  2nd place in the heats in 58.2s. The B team of David Bergstrand, Joe Lawson, Harry Stubbs and Adrian Bennett also qualified for the final with a 3rd place in the heats and took the 6th place in the final in 62.1s.
When it came to the time for the 3x800m relays for the under 13 boys the weather turned to monsoon conditions but the boys valiantly mastered the rains, Adrian, Thomas and Harry making up the A team came home in 6th place in 8'.18.6s, Robbie Conduit, Joe Woolf and Richard McGeachie were 12th in 9'.19.7s.
Under 15 boys Will Leyland, Mark Deeprose, David Hayes and Robert McGeachie started their events with a 3rd place in the heats of the 4x100m in 52.8s and took the 6th place in the final in 53.7s
They had a better result in the medley relay finishing with a bronze medal third place in 2'.35.0s.
The next competition for the Harriers is the 2nd round match of the Cheshire Track and Field League at the Cumberland Stadium, Crewe on Sunday 12th July, 1.00pm start. This match is for all age groups

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