Young Athletes League at Stockport 20th July 2008
Written by Peter   
Friday, 25 July 2008

The last match in the 2008 season of the National Young Athletes League was the latest involvement of Halton & Frodsham Harriers.

The eight club match staged at Stockport's Woodbank Park arena featured some good results for the Harriers, and some new standard awards were achieved for some of the team members.

In the under 13 girls part of the match, Emma Scott and Emily Pearson got the team off to a good start with Emma running a grade 4 standard 2nd A place time of 22.6s and Emily was placed 4th B with 24.9s, Emma also ran a grade 4 time of 2m.50.4s in the 800mtrs.

Tori Acton was in 5th A position in the 75mtrs, Martha Cottrell running slightly quicker for the 3rd B points in a grade 4 time of 11.5s.

Martha then went on to pick up another graded award in the 70m hurdles taking the 2nd A place in 13.1s, a grade 3 time, Emily also had a grade 4 performance in the event with a 4th B time of 14.7s.

Jess Parsons and Katy Morgan were paired in the 1200mtrs race, again running a controlled pace, they were in the points with Jess in 3rd A, 4m.24.6s and Katy 4th B, 4m.49.7s

Emily and Katy were the points winners in the shot, Emily's 4.72mtrs taking the 6th A place and Katy's 4.26mtrs the 5th B.

Martha and Emma each had grade 4 results in the long jump, Martha with a best of 3.77mtrs took the 2nd A points and Emma's 3.61mtrs picked up the 2nd B points.
The quartet of Emma, Emily, Tori and Martha were placed 3rd in the 4x100mtrs relay, 60.7s.

Amy Wright, Becca Pill and Suzanne Baker were the under 15 girls up for the competition, Becca starting well with a 7th A place in the 100mtrs, 14.8s.

Amy taking the 5th A in the 75mtrs hurdles in a time of 16.3s, she then had a grade 3 best throw of 20.61mtrs in the discus, which took the 2nd A points and in the long jump she was placed 5th A with leap of 3.88mtrs.

In the shot, Suzanne had a best of 5.74mtrs good for the 7th A points and Becca had best of 4.41mtrs taking the 6th Bpoints.

Richard McGeachie, Thomas Jones, Matthew Hulse and James Baker were the competitors in the under 13 boys part of the match, Richard taking a 4th A points win in the 200mtrs and then turning in a splendid grade 4, 4th A place in the 800mtrs, Thomas taking the 4th B in 2m.46.4s.

In the 100mtrs, Thomas had a 5th A place, 15.6s and James was 5th B in a time of 17.4s.

Thomas had a personal best performance of 3.49mtrs in the long jump and shot putter James had a 6th A throw of 4.12mtrs

Matthew had two personal best performances, first in the 75mtrs hurdles with !st A winning time of 15.2s and led the field home in the 1500mtrs with winning time of 5m.01.9s. He must be hoping to get a sub 5 minute time before the end of the season.
Matthew rounded of his scoring with a 5th place in the high jump, 1.15mtrs

Robert McGeachie was the lone under 15 boy scoring for the team, picking up the points in the 200mtrs, 6th A, 30.2s, in the 400mtrs he was in 6th A with 66.2s and in the long jump had a 7th A place with 3.78mtrs.

There were some good performances in the under 17 mens section, Jack Campbell, David Tomalin, Mike Fryer, Ryan Jackson and Mark Coman, recovered from the injury he picked up at the last Harriers match.

Jack and David started with two 4th places in the 200mtrs, Jack's 26.6s for the A points and David's 28.6s for the B

Mike had a splendid 3rd A finish in the 800mtrs, 2m17.7s and after a 2nd B in the discus won the high jump with 1.51mtrs, just short of his PB.

Mark had a tough day of competition, first taking a 4th place in the 3000mtrs, 10m.55.6s, then taking the 4th A spot in the 1500mtrs, 4m.53.4s, Ryan not far behind taking the 2nd B points in 4m.59.1s.

Ryan had a best of 18.24mtrs in the discus taking the 2nd A points and had a 3rd A place in the shot with 7.99mtrs.

Mark and Jack each took 2nd places in the long jump, Mark had a best of 4.79mtrs for the A points and Jack's best of 4.55mtrs taking the B spot

Mark, David, Ryan and Jack were 4th in the 4x100mtrs relay, 54.0s